Denny's Handyman Service was started by Denny in the spring of 1998. His experience however, goes back about 30 years ago growing up on the family farm. Growing up on the family farm north of Hartford, SD involved Dennis doing many different chores, and made it necessary for him to learn how to build and repair items. 30 years ago, farmers had to be a "Jack of all Trades" in order to get things repaired and built in time.

One of Denny's first projects was building a new house on the family farm. Dennis also participated in tearing down the old house and saving the lumber to build the garage on the new house.

Dennis and his grandfather, Evald Hansen worked together for many years working for area farmers and completing different construction projects. In 1968, Dennis and his grandfather built the consession stand at the Sioux Falls fairgrounds, which is still used today.

In 2003, Dennis was joined in business with his son, Brian who had been working construction in Seattle and Minnapolis. Brian has enabled the Denny's Handyman Service to expand into hardwood & laminate floors, as well as ceramic tiling.

As Always, Denny's Handyman Service is dedicated to Quality workmanship and 100% devotion to customer satisfaction and being "Fast, Friendly & Efficient"

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